Usage of Virtual Time Clock with the Help of The Internet

Are you familiar with the fact that a Virtual Time Clock Software is available online? This kind of invention will be able to make you go in the office with no fuzz. The Web software is available online in the Virtual Time Clock remote and connectivity, there will be no need for you to be able to come and rush in the office or stay late to be able to review your own time prior to the processing of the said pay roll.

There are different simple steps to be able to manage the employee time cards from the connection online since there are various ways to be able to remote the clock that can be a huge boost in the productivity boost. You may need to monitor the in and out status of each workers in real time without being in the office.

Bookkeeper and the HR personnel can be able to process the payroll from the computer, even when they are all in a much separate location. This is a centralize time card data that can be used in various locations. You may have to keep track of the hours worked by telecommuters even if they are working in various city. This virtual time clock will use a much aster and reliable network communication to be able to connect the computer time clock online as well as your own local business.

There are two technical details you need to worry about the first is the kind of internet connection at your time clock server computer location. The second is the change in a simple management of the router and the connection online. There are two kinds of Internet connection that is available online one can be dynamic IP address and the other is Static IP address. Your own internet service provider, this can verify or even upgrade your Internet service to be able to include a static IP address.??They key to remote the access in the open single port on the router of the server network in allowing the remote time clock for the clients to connect well.
The remote client talks to the router uses the static IP address assigned in the router at a specified port and the router forwards the information to the server this is commonly known as the port forwarding or port mapping.

The steps to set up a port forwarding will have to vary depending on the router so you need to be able to consult the user guide that is coming with the router in the steps to follow it. As soon as the port has been set up with the given network the given time clock can be installed fully at the location in the given remote.
Since the client will not be able to find the server automatically the remote static IP address and port are entered manually in the connection of the dialogue.

The time clock client will establish the communication with the remote of each router, which will automatically forward in the communication of the clock server.
All the connection and the transmission between the time clock client and the server is fully automatic and is visible with the user.

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