We are all daydreaming about the perfect holiday.

And while for some that means a trip to the mountains, for others it is an idyllic experience in the form of yachting – or sailing – ideally near turquoise waters and warm breezes.

If you are new to yachting tours in Greece, you should know that they are among the top-rated experience for hedonists from all around the globe. Couples, families, and even large groups decide to embark on these journeys and see the Greek Ionian islands in a fun and adventurous way.

Speaking of which…

Today, we are listing the five best Ionian islands that are a courtesy of one of the best yachting tours in Greece – the ‘Ionian Beauty’. Basically, these islands include:

    • Zakynthos – The island of Zakynthos has vast history and perhaps one of the most unique beaches in the world. Surrounded by big cliffs, the Shipwreck Bay (Navagio beach) has an old pirate ship that was left in a shipwreck but is still preserved, allowing you to climb on it and take amazing pirate shots.
    • Paxos and Antipaxos – These islands are amazing if you are looking for taking dips in some of the finest and clearest waters during your Greek yachting tour experience. One thing is certain – you won’t believe how turquoise and clear these waters are.
    • Lefkada – This island amazes visitors with its exotic blue colors of the beaches and is peaceful, tranquil and unspoilt with a lot of beautiful beaches. Perfect for a beach getaway.
    • Kastos – The beaches near Kastos will show you how quiet and relaxed a summer day can be. You will smell the olive trees and bathe in the crystal clear waters near the small town.
    • Kalamos – Mountainous and full of greenery, Kalamos is a floating island known for its pebbly beaches and clear waters. As such, it is a stop worth taking during our Ionian tour.
  • Ithaca – See the home of Odysseus and buy some of the unique art and souvenirs featuring the mighty Cyclops as enemies of the protagonist. Sit in the cute little tavernas and try what’s best from Greek food.

Ready to embark on your first – or next – Greek yachting adventure?

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