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Garments that are worn on the body are known as clothing. The collective term for garments contain other names such as attire or clothes. The materials used to make the clothing are different and are usually made for humans. Textile, thin sheets of materials and animal skin are some of the materials used to make clothing. Elements such as the body type, social and geographical reasons determine the different materials used and the amount. Elements such as dust, wind, insects and thorns are injurious to the body thus the use of clothes.

Individuals wearing the clothes have improved comfort-ability in addition to being protected. Clothes for hot weather are present similarly to those for cold weather conditions. Clothes worn for favorable conditions are usually light while for cold seasons they are heavy and provide heat properties.

Attires are very important when it comes to social cultural functions. For example in weddings there are certain attires that best suit like bright colored well-tailored clothing with some floral design. Other social cultural functions include individual occupational, social status and gender differentiation.

Male and female are the two gender differentiation. There are clothes for both men and women. On the basis of individual occupation there are usually certain clothing. What you can afford determines the clothes wear for the sake of social status.

A clothing item of knitted clothing usually using wool or cotton is referred to as a jersey. Not are jerseys worn as pullovers they can have sleeves. Association with sports, as a team uniform are what jerseys are known for in which they contain with the team colors and at the back has the player’s name. So as to have the best choice when it comes to choosing jersey its important some of these tips. Having the opinion of friends and family is one of the tips.

Before asking their suggestion its important to first look at their style choice then consider carefully who will be of help. When that is done, individuals then write down all their unique interest and taste. Ways in which individuals discover their unique interest and taste is through likes, dislike, hobbies and personality. Listing all your unique interest and taste should be on a piece of paper as mentally there is chance of forgetting. The next step after those two are successfully, is questioning yourself on what you want to be.

Showing to the world is based on the questions of who you want to be. When you have questioned who you want to be, as an individual you then think on the kind of clothing you would wear as that person. The internet is crucial when it comes to thinking on the kind of clothing you want.

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