Venezuela – Witness the Greatest Display of Nature on Earth

Take up the travel of Venezuela to witness the greatest display of nature on earth in its full grandeur. You will be captivated by the original scenic beauty of the land with forests and flowers of different varieties in the Amazon basin of the South American region. Enjoy the suspense of the environment in the rainforest, which represents nature in a scintillating and adventurous image on earth. There is something for everyone when you make the tour of Venezuela. If you are interested in observing adventurous, but natural scenes, view the world’s only natural lightning activity, the Catatumbo Lighting. It is a strange occurrence of a series of lightning bolts that take place here over the river Catatumbo. There are about two hundred flashes of lightning bolts every minute without any thunder, which is popularly called “River of fire over the sky” in local terms. Visitors from all over the world travel to this place to eyewitness the amazing presentation of natural lightning on earth, which is seen for nearly 150 nights every year. The extraordinary environment is experienced by spending the night on boats, which are provided by travel companies and tour operators. If you land in Merida, you have to cross Andes with the spectacular view in the route to reach the riverside for experiencing the wonder of the nature.
Traveling to east Venezuela is a great experience of pleasure. The Canaima national park and the Angel Fall are two important attractions of the region. It takes nearly a week to complete the fascinating journey of the area when you begin the tour from Maturin or from Ciudad Boliver. The national park is located in Gran Sabana and is known to be one of the largest in the whole world. The Canaima tour covers Angel Fall, the Salto Kukenam and Salto Sap, which are known to be great falls and are famous as well. The name Angel Fall is derived from the discovery of the site in 1937 by Jimmy Angel. The Canaima lagoon water appears red for high concentration of different minerals and attracts visitors for bathing in the water. The park is a heritage spot declared by UNESCO.
The Angel Fall is roughly one kilometer in height and is a breathtaking scenic experience for the traveler. You can enjoy the expedition in a six-seat aircraft when you head for Canaima flying over Guri basin touching Auvan Tepui. The adventurous tour also offers dugouts for travel parties or for the individual traveler. The entire tour is guided by experienced Pemon Indians, who are regarded with reverence. You can make a successful tour of Venezuela when you complete the tour of the eastern region in a thorough manner. You should enjoy the delicious Venetian cuisine such as Pabellon Criollo and many more to make the trip wholesome from every respect. Ensure that the guide explains every bit of the national park and includes other attractions also, which are covered in the travel itinerary. The tour to the Angel Fall is taken on foot and takes nearly 3-4 hours. Enjoy a Venezuela tour just like an adventurous expedition in the lap of amazing nature.

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