Benefits and Limitations of Using a Bible App

The Bible improves our spiritual life. You should be in a position to have easy access to your Bible all through. Free Bible apps give us the opportunity to access Bible verses any time we want. Having a Bible app on your phone is very beneficial since there is no need for carrying a tangible Bible all the time. In contrast, there are benefits attached to reading a tangible Bible; hence, Bible apps have some disadvantages.

The Bible app enables to connect with your Christian friends. There is a social media side, and this enables you to add your friends and like or comment on the verses they have highlighted. Furthermore, you can see the number of devotionals your friends have completed. There is the possibility of a great discussion among the people in the group. Besides, a Bible comes in a way that you can comment or like on a friend’s highlight, and this helps in initiating a discussion.

You can change verses into images when using a Bible app. You can turn the verse that catches your attention into an image. Some versions for Bible apps have several backgrounds, fonts, and color options and you can place your verse there. This is a great feature as you can share the saved images on social media sites. One can easily notice the images, as they are pleasing to the eye. This is a good way of spreading God’s word.

A Bible app allows you to read in low light. You can read white letters on a black background. Reading the Bible is very easy, as one does not have to go blind. Again, finding a verse is very easy since you need a few clicks and get to the desired verse.
Contrary, having a Bible app appears to be a good deal, until we look at the benefits of having a paper Bible. Distractions tend to be minimal. There are distractions when reading the Bible from your phone as you think of clicking on other apps. There should be no distractions when reading the Bible as you are in the presence of God. When you read a paper Bible in church, it shows that what you are doing is clear. It is a different case when you read the Bible from your mobile phone or tablet.

A paper Bible enables you to understand it thoroughly and quickly. Understanding the stories and characters in a paper Bible are quick. Our minds work better in the act of turning Bible pages. Mobile Bible apps do not offer this.

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